The most unique golf course in the world?

Welcome to Green Zone Golf Course, an extraordinary 18-hole course nestled on the borderlands of northern Finland and Sweden, where the Torne River sets the stage for an unforgettable golfing experience.

As you play, you’ll cross the border and time zone four times in total. Eleven holes are set in Sweden, while seven reside in Finland.

One of the most memorable moments awaits you at the 6th hole: a par 3 where you tee-off in Sweden and aim your shot towards Finland, where it lands approximately 1 hour and 5 seconds later. With the time difference, you might just achieve the longest Hole-in-One in the world!

In the summer season, there are no restrictions on tee-off times. Thanks to our northern location, you can enjoy your round under the midnight sun. At Green Zone Bistro, indulge in delicious meals, snacks, and beverages before and after your round, as well as during your break after the first nine holes. Our club offers a sunny patio, showers, and a sauna for your relaxation.

Conveniently located next to the cities of Tornio and Haparanda, our golf course is surrounded by various services and accommodation options.

We hope you enjoy every moment of your stay at Green Zone Golf!

Hole guide


A Strong opening hole, the drive should favour the middle of the fairway and after that it’s easy approach the green. There is a good birdie opportunity!


Also an easy Par 4. Courageous players will open over the bond (160m) and you’re on the green. If you want to stand in the safety side you’ll favour the Tee shot to the left side of the fairway. This will give the best angle into the green and the possibility to do your second birdie! However, watch out the OUT-area behind the green.


A tough Par 4 and we step out to Sweden for a while. Here its better be safe than sorry! So you should think first and do after that. There is an old border sign (200m) in the middle of the fairway Tee shot there. The second shot needs to be accurate in order to avoid the greenside bunkers and water that lie in wait both the left and right side of the green. Here The Par is a good score.


No problems what so ever. The Tee in the middle of fairway. Gentle dogleg to the right. Risk takers check the wind and the drive straight to the green!


Well… 520meters. No one think about sissies!! It requires two long straight shots and one shorter one to reach the putting surface. Take also into consideration that there is bunkers in 280 meters and OUT-area on the left along the fairway.


The most famous hole in this course! In this hole you have got the opportunity to do the most memorable and longest HIO in the world. You Tee off in Sweden and the ball reach the putting hole in Finland one hour later! The obvious birdie hole. There is two rather deep bunkers next to the green.


Looks easy. Water both side of the fairway. Start with the straight shot to the bush (190m) and second to the putting surface which is guarded by relatively deep bunker.


Relatively straightforward Par three which for most will require no more than a mid iron. Aim at the centre of the green to avoid the bunker on the right. This will leave a reasonably simple putt on a green and there is another birdie done.


A really nice Par5 to finish the front nine. The Tee shot over or around the trees gentle to the left and second and third shot with middle iron to the green. There is a gentle dogleg to the left and after that is OUT-area on your left side and in front of the green there is bunkers both side.


All right, we are in Sweden again! The perfect tee shot is one which stays as close to edge of the trees on the right. Going left is certainly an option but leave a far longer second from quite a steep slope.


A really tough Par5 regardless of conditions. There is water on the left in dogleg 220 meters. Relatively long bond may confuse you when thinking about the distances. Try to keep on the fairway and be happy with Par.


Undoubtedly one of the Green Zone’s easiest holes. Take Wedge or iron 9 and tee off to putting area behind the bunkers.


On the contrarily and undoubtedly this is the most difficult hole in this course. This requires four relatively good shots and bogey in this hole feels like a Par.


You can choose whether you tee off over the water going through the fairway or leave the shot a bit short (150-160m) in front of the water. Once you have decided to hit over the water you have to reach at least 190m, after that there is no problem. However, the green itself is flat like a table.


The tee shot 220 meters in front of the water (wide 20m) and there short iron to the putting area.


Another really good driving hole from an elevated tee and wide fairway all the way to the green.


Iron 4 or 3 depending of the wind. Be aware of the water on your left side. The tee off to the green and couple of the putts… It’s Par!


An excellent finishing hole which requires the player to keep concentrating and swinging well right to the end. This is a very straight hole where a good drive is necessary so that the green can be reached in three. There is three water barriers on your left side in 100 – 180 meters, so the tee off to your right is a favour.

Green Zone Golf

This golf course straddles Finland and Sweden, allowing you to fire shots into a different country and time zone

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